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Daniel R. Filipovic

Daniel R. Filipovic

Law School: University of Alberta in Edmonton

Call to the Bar: 1994 in Ontario

Connection to Thunder Bay:

I was born and raised in Thunder Bay. I have enjoyed employment in the careers of carpentry/construction and computer programming and analysis until the career in law beckoned to me.


Areas of Practice:

Family Law – Separation/Divorce/Adoptions, Family Mediation and Collaborative Family Law, Real Estate, Wills/Powers of Attorney, Estate Planning and Estate Litigation, Corporate Law and Civil Litigation.

My practice is divided evenly between solicitor matters and barrister matters. Solicitor matters concern work such as Wills and Powers of Attorney, Estates and Real Estate. Barrister’s matters that I handle include court proceedings for Family Law, Estate Litigation and Civil Litigation.

After 16 years of Family Law Litigation I believe the majority of people going through marital discord wish they could find a way to resolve the dispute without being pushed to the brink of financial and emotional chaos. There are options, such as Family Law Mediation or Collaborative Family Law practice, which I can provide to allow people more control and direction on how to economically work together to resolve their differences in a fair and civil manner.

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